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Is this Les Paul legit or fake?

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Hello Lucas, and welcome to this nice place in the web.


Looks as real as can be and everything stock. [thumbup] Just the bridge is flipped over, probably to avoid disassembling for reversing single saddles which by the way offers more compensation length on Nashville Tune-O-Matics if needed, typically for G3rd and occasionally E6th.


Some might do this for looks, too. The "correct" position of Nashville Tune-O-Matics would be screw heads on the tailpiece side, for ABR-1 T-O-Ms screw heads to the pickup side.


Good luck on your decision, Lucas! :)

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Hello,my name is Lucas and i am from brazil (sorry for my realy bad english). :lol:


i would relay appreciate if you could help me to find out if this les paul is autentic or fake:


here are the pics Urls




thanks and a good day!



guitar dater shows this on the serial,

Guitar Info

Your guitar was made at the

Nashville Plant, TN, USA

August 19th, 2011

Production Number: 123


good luck

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