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Les Paul Custom Best Years?????


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Hi Guys


What do you think about a 2012 Les Paul custom ? Somebody that has it and can tell me something about the sound ? After 2012 the fretboard wood is not ebony?


When does the production changed?



I found also a 2001 Les Paul Custom , do you think early '00 guitars sounds better?


Thanks for you answers :)



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What sounds best is going to depend on your ears, not ours. It's going to be completely subjective to each person. I personally like the tone of the old Norlin mid to late 70's LP Customs, but that's just me. You'll need to try a bunch of them to find out what you like best.


The LP Customs changed from ebony to richlite in 2012. Some folks have the serial number when the change happened, so perhaps they will see this and chime in. Otherwise, you can always contact Gibson with the serial number of the guitar and they can give you the exact specifications for the guitar.

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