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Strings for IB 1964 Texan


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Recently re-strung my beloved IB 1964 Texan. Usually have gone with D'Addorios, specifically have used EJ16 Phosper Bronze Light gauge 12-53 on the IB. However together with a recent price increase in the UK, I have not been impressed with the sound and durability. Apart from the IB i also re-strung my Martin and Sigma, and again nothing to write home about.


Any good people on this forum really recommend another manufacturer. There's nothing amiss with any of my guitars. I've checked them and had them checked by a third party.


Lord I love that IB!


Martin 00-15

Sigma 0001MST

Epiphone IB 1964 Texan

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Scratch that...I will be staying with my beloved Phosphor Bronze strings. I just listened to a lot of tonal comparison back and forth examples and the Phosphor Bronze, what I have on all my acoustics, sound way better to me. It wasn't even close to my ears.

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