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Ren Part 3


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Literally just got it, so I haven't even looked at it.



My link


Edit: after looking at it, it's all about the building of the first Monarch in 1994, and totally without controversy of any type.



One good bit of information that came out of this was Ren saying that this was a fairly early nitro lacquer guitar for them, that they had just moved away from Fullerplast in mid-1991.


Math does not appear to be the strongest suit for either Tony or Ren. The Monarch was built in 1994, which somehow got translated into it being 30 years old rather than 20.


But that's OK: the man can build a guitar.

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I'm looking for the link of Tony's review of thi beast. If I were a rich man....


Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q03nxlgcfjk


If anyone is bored and has time on their hands, could you explain the whole Fullerplast thing? My assumption is that most all Gibsons were lacquer up until the Norlin era when they switched to Fullerplast. Then they switched backed to lacquer under Ren sometime in the 1990s?





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How does the Monarch compare to some of the Maestro models I see at Best Buy? It's hard to get a feel for the Maestro since they keep them in their cardboard boxes.


theres a reason why there in boxes.. I would hide those from view as well. :rolleyes:

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A thrill to see Ferguson tell about the Monarc. Must have been fantastic for him to make that vision come true.


Listening again the guitar is a sound-giant as well - notice the bass, , , such a deep end must be handled with care, but if you manage - YES !






Aaaaand, , , let's not overlook the not so often happening hexagon washers. .

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