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so after waiting and waiting, my uj sheraton arrived on Tuesday. terrible finish.



This is just a couple of the pics taken, this one was made in July.

Thankfully the store sorted a replacement which I picked up on Saturday morning. Beautiful guitar, near perfect finish and it is possibly the best playing guitar I have ever picked up, perfect neck size for me and a f/b smooth as glass! The pickups are excellent for me, bright and full. Interestingly this one was made in August, the shop said it was genuinely the best one they had had finish wise. Maybe the extra practise the factory had in the two month difference helped quality improve, maybe I just got lucky, eventually.

I love it, haven't put it down all day! Well worth the wait. If you get the chance to try one of these you have too. Thank you Epiphone on finally producing such a fine instrument!

This is the 'chosen one'





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My worst dealing with epiphone was when I bought a 2004 flying V. Only the bridge pickup worked. We took it back and they replaced it and a week later same problem.


I ended up getting my local shop to rip all the electrics out and replace everything including the pickups.


Other than that my 3 les pauls have been fantastic.


But how some of these sheratons have got through quality control is beyond me.

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The pictures really don't show how bad the finish was, especially around the f holes! Hopefully the ones that eventually turn up for the USA will have better quality after the checks you get. What if they're all bad though?

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a small piece of "slug scrap" from the cutting die got "caught up" when the piece was "stamped" and made an impression on the frequensator metal part....if it is the "same impression" in the "same place".

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