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Thoughts on some custom touchs on a re-finish.


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I'm re-finishing my "Tele" body, as the guy who built it did not do a real good job, and I'm finally getting around to doing it right.


The only thing about this body that bugs me, is the lack of any real character to the grain on the back. It's very light colored, straight grained and plain, and I want to jazz it up a bit.


I've been kicking around a few ideas, and these pics are something I'm almost set on. It's a pebble type of mask. You just arange small pebbles on the body, and then spray a color over them. In this case the color will be black. The pebbles mask the area, and leave a rounded edge for overspray to shade the pebble grain to where it looks 3D.


I plan to paint the entire outer edge black, which should frame the pebbeled area nicely.


This is just a blank mockup. These pics are blown up quite a bit, so the actual size of the pebbling would be considerably smaller. More like the size of your pinky nail.



On this one I tried to add a similar color as the wood for a background color that sort of simulates the wood.



Do ya think it's too,,,,,,,, much?

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