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So after years of playing Epiphones I finally decided to take the plunge and pick up a Gibson. Yesterday I went to my favorite local shop and traded in a couple of my epiphones and picked up this 2014 Gibson LPJ in fireburst finish. Man oh man, what a guitar. It sounds great, looks great, and feels amazing.



I checked the guitar over and there are no dead frets or fret buzz, the action is exactly the way I like it and right off the shelf this thing is perfect.


I'm a blues player primarily and own two amps, a 1994 Peavey 112 Transtube Bandit, and a Fender Blues Junior III. To be honest I prefer the sound out of my peavey for both blues and hard rock. Should I just spend more time dialing in the Fender Blues Jr or is that not a great fit of an amp for this guitar. What amps are you guys using and liking? Thanks folks.

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RE: amps...


I think that amps are like guitars - what you think you like and want from what you think you wanna hear isn't necessarily what you end up liking for yourself and your own playing/gigs. At least, if you're willing to think "outa the box."


I use the tale of my favorite guitar of my 50+ years of pickin' as an example. I thought it was gorgeous but listened to others telling me what strings, etc., it should wear. It just didn't "work" for me. Don't ask why I didn't dump it in a swap; so it sat in a case with those strings for right at 25 years. On a whim, it came outa the case, was restrung with strings I wear on most of my other electrics and voila! It seems to play itself.


I think amps are much the same. You may be used to thinking of a given response from an amp when, after a cupla months with another and messing with guitar/amp/effect variables, you may be far happier.


My current "favorite" amp for any and everything is a small 30-watt AE amp. Why? It's clean and can carry various guitars with or without effects - yeah, a little crystally from SS even with a 10" speaker, but it's only 35 pounds rigged as I carry it. Meanwhile some very nice and very powerful tube amps stay home as end tables. My gigs simply don't warrant the power and weight and audiences aren't as enamored by "tone" as we are. Too, miked small amps often work/sound better than monsters that blow your pants off sitting behind you on stage.


On the other hand... I do somewhat regret swapping by old '65 Fender DR for my 120-watt semi-boutique jobbie that is around 90 pounds and never, ever has been cranked up. I've a Bassman head and cab that just sit as endtables, too. A "new" small Fender modeling bass amp actually works fine for some guitar stuff too. The DR? It wasn't all that heavy, could even do an AE/mike (mag pup in the old days) solo gig "in the day," and was loud enough to hurt. For me personally now, it wouldn't really be worth it compared to other pickin' priorities.


I don't know if this helps or what, but if it gets you thinking, I'm happy.



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