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strings height

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The style isn't my "thing," but different players will play with different kinds of strings, tunings and setups. In fact, pup adjustments can play a big role in sound directly out of a guitar or bass.


Folks who play really heavy strings usually do so with a heavy picking hand. My understanding is that down-tuning 12s or 13s is used by some folks in that style, for example. But much the same effect can come from much lighter strings at standard and a lighter hand.


String height is dependent on the right hand and string gauge - and neck relief. In that sense we're not talking "just" string height, but proper overall setup for a given player.


I know that's not quite the answer you were hoping for, but it's true regardless of style. I play mostly my own solo fingerstyle jazzed-up "standards" on an archtop - and go the opposite string and setup direction from most folks who do a similar type of playing. For me it's very low action and 9-42 roundwound strings - but I'm very gentle and rely on the pup settings and amp to get a general tone I'm looking for. Most guys doing similar material will use quite heavy flatwounds set higher on the neck. Who's right? We all are for how we play.


There are folks who will say you've gotta do this or that for a given style, but after more than 50 years on the instrument, I'm increasingly convinced that "you" play how and what you play and make your own decisions on guitar, setup, strings and playing style. If you're copying how others play, at best you're copying what others play.


If you're not experienced enough to make your own decision on guitar setup (strings, tuning, string height, neck relief, etc.), believe me, a trip to a half-decent and caring luthier or setup shop will pay for itself in best setting up the guitar for how and what you play.



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