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I just sent my 2010 Gibson Hummingbird 12 string to Gibson R n R. During the Napa earthquake a bookcase landed on it an broke it's neck😢. Anyone have experience with their workmanship ? It's the ONLY HB 12 made that year and is very special to me .

Is insurance going to help on this repair? Hopefully it will all work out for you…..

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Just hope they return the guitar looking like it did when you sent it in, minus the busted neck.


When I sent my 1948 J-45 to Gibson to re-glue the top and replace the fretboard in 1968, it came back looking like a brand-new 1968 J-45, right down to a new cherryburst top, a new adjustable bridge, a big, fat pickguard, and a stylishly-narrowed neck.


Seriously, the workmanship was excellent......


And fortunately, anyone at Gibson who worked on my guitar more than 45 years ago is long out to pasture, if they're still looking at the grass from the green side.

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