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NGD! Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar


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I got myself a Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar last Saturday. Simply the finest Guitar I've played. I've been looking to get that one Guitar that can do all as I play in a covers band. This Guitar can literally do it all. In the 4th pickup selector position it brings both pickups together as one big humbucker and it really works and sounds like a humbucker.

I've had my eye on one of these for a while.


The build quality is exempliary. And it has killer looks. I can't wait to use it at practice tonight.







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Congrats! This is my favorite Fender right now and if I could justify buying one, I'd have one yesterday. They basically took Fender's best guitar and improved it with


- better pickups

- better bridge

- improve tremolo arm and collet

- improved electronics layout with the pickup selector switch


How do you like the Bare Knuckles pickups?

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I love the Bare Knuckles. They give a really good snarl to the guitar's tone. I've got a 62 jag reissue where the pickups are really weedy. The switching on the Marr Jag is vastly superior and really makes the Guitar super versatile.

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