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I am really all filled up on guitars... so this is more out of curiosity. Anyone play or own the Santa Cruz VS? Can you compare it to any of the J45 variants you have experienced?


I have never seen one in person...

Hi Sal. The 48th St Rudy's in NYC had one several months ago that I played. Spectacular guitar -- very resonant. There is some tonal resemblance to, but still fairly different sounding than a Gibson J-45.


But... I did not play it well.


It had the standard 1 11/16 nut and quite tight E to e string spacing which were giving me trouble. The neck profile was a rounded shape but fairly thin width wise... certainly nothing like the mod-v neck on an OM/PW.


I think if you could custom order that with a 1 3/4 nut, 2 3/16 or 2 1/4 string spacing, and the OM/PW neck, it would be an amazing custom!

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About as close as I have gotten is that I used to own a Santa Cruz Vintage Jumbo and I currently own a J-50. The VJ is a slope shoulder, mahogany back and sides but it has the longer scale. I kick myself a lot for ever selling it because I sit across from it most every Friday night since I sold it to one of the guys in my "band". It has become a stellar sounding instrument. It is a great single note, lead guitar but it can do it all. Light as a feather. But, it's not a Gibson. My J-50 is NOT the best guitar I've ever owned but there is something inexplicable about it that I continually gravitate towards. I've owned two Santa Cruz guitars and they were both very good instruments. One I sold when I finally realized that I wasn't a rosewood guy and the VJ I sold because I wanted to go short scale. I think Santa Cruz's reputation speaks for itself at this point but they, like pretty much every other, need to be played to decide if you like or not. That Flammang over on the AGF sure looks tasty doesn't it?

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