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Store Refund policy and 51 days until Xmas.


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I picked up an amp for my son for Christmas from a big-box store. When I got home,I realized their 30 day refund period expires before Christmas so I am essentially getting no refund period after Christmas.



I talked to the store by email and by phone. One of the 5 people I communicated with said the store does provide an extended refund period over Christmas and knew it hadn't started yet but didn't know when it starts. Another staffer, after a grilling by me, said their extended refund period for Christmas starts November 7 but only goes to mid-January. Two staffers were unable to understand my problem.


So, I've returned the amp to the store and will pick up another after Christmas. This will get me the full 30 day refund period. My gut feeling is most problems will appear in the first 24 to 48 hours, but one never knows. I think it is worth while qualifying for a full 30 day refund period after Christmas.

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