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Epiphone are at it now too and on the acoustics

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I dunno...


I'm "the old guy," but I don't see anything wrong with it - and plenty of things right with a minitune especially for folks who use alternative tunings.


So... Actually I get a kick outa younger pickers who are so into tuners that give them up to a quadrillionth of an open string tuning on a machine that costs hundreds of dollars and ... then when they play notes other than on open strings, have to admit that since the guitar is a tempered scale, it's not "perfect" any more.


I got a pitch pipe with my first guitar more than 50 years ago. Then I went through 15-20 "tuners" in the $15-20 dollar range largely because by the time these little electronic gadgets were invented, the price of a pitch pipe for each guitar case had gotten that high anyway.


Now? I have a Martin tuner "ap" on my smartphone that I also use for weather reports, email, texting, taking photos, checking on the news, using as a stopwatch, doing voice recordings, occasionally playing music and ... Hmmmm.... making voice telephone calls.


But instead of watching the little dial to tell me if I'm in tune... I use the "ear trainer" that works just like, and gives a tone just like ... just like a pitch pipe did 50+ years ago.


Okay, call me a luddite? I don't think so. I don't have as many "computers" in the house as 50 years ago - duuhh - but counting the smart phone, I have four in the house that are "mine," and two at work, one of which is mine personally; my wife is about in the same boat. Then too, we have "modeling amps" that functionally are ... little dedicated computers.


I think anyone who plays an electric guitar should recognize that he or she is using modern technology and forget being some kind of "purist" denying the very sort of thing that created the kind of guitar they use today. If you're an acoustic-only picker who seldom if ever plays out and if so, plays through a microphone and amplification device so a crowd bigger than your living room can hear you, okay... think about it. That's modern technology. One reason the four-string banjo and certain guitar lead styles became popular is that they could be banged out with "chord melody" as loudly as the instrument would play and ... even that is "modern" picking.


That's not even to mention the quality improvement of steel strings that led to steel-strung violins and such, and guitars and... even "nylon" string guitars are quite new and thank goodness since gut wasn't all that good at all.


No, I don't have a guitar with a minitune on it at this point. I might in the future. I also see major benefits to some sort of software that could integrate some guitar, lyrics, play list, PA control, amp control... all on one application tied to the playlist itself.


For example, you've got a smooth ballad... up the power on the PA for gentler vocals, take off most of the guitar/amp stuff to get clean tone, perhaps change stage lighting, add a bit of chorus and less reverb to the PA ... click, it's there. But no. "we" prefer kicking at little wired boxes on the floor, flipping this or that gadget or board to change the mix...


I'd say that the mini tune has its uses; if you don't wanna pay for one, don't.


But at my age and background, honestly I find it interesting how anyone can say they just want a "traditional" electric guitar when... it ain't a traditional guitar and I've a hunch if you gave them a gut-strung acoustic with wooden friction peg tuning they'd not be terribly happy.


<chuckle> Then again, yeah, I am something of a luddite. I'd love to sit and listen to music I like in nice comfortable chair, a bit of brandy or peaty single malt Scotch and coffee at hand, a vanilla-cured cigar or meerschaum pipe with similar tobacco - and friends to talk about whatever.


That's been stolen from me. Repeat, "stolen."


So... adding a mini tune ain't like theft. It's an add-on you may not care for but, like "Grover" tuning pegs vs. open pegs, the arguments over operability and aesthetics go on forever.



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I'd say that the mini tune has its uses; if you don't wanna pay for one, don't...

I agree 100% with the idea of the Min-E-Tune being an option, milod.

The problem is that it's almost NOT an option anymore.

It will be forced onto 95%+ of next year's Les Paul buyers whether they want it - or want to pay for it - or not.

'Choice', as it were, is not an option. It is fitted as Standard Equipment to almost every guitar in the range - excluding only (afaik) the small-run 'Supreme' and the re-issues.



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They haven't figured out how to slap it onto a FIrebird (yet) but I recall reading about it hitting the Gibson J45 in a store near you soon.


I hope that's not true.

You bet your butt it is


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I guess perhaps some of my problem is that I don't have any "guitar heroes."


Well... maybe some folks who played guitar before pickups and amps were made to current standards.


I well remember how "badmouthed" it was to put some magnets and wires on a guitar or a board with strings, and make the thing sound different from a real guitar.




Then there are guys like Joe Pass who used roughly 1950 electric designs without stuff attached that would make a guitar sound like a sax or a tomcat in agony.


Help Fender? Not as long as they are producing board guitars with bolt-on necks, 25 1/2 scale and narrow radius fingerboards with relatively narrower nut. Frankly, other than their basses, I see no Fender I'd care to own. I don't, nor have I ever owned one or a copy, excluding basses. It that suits others, that tickles me plumb to death.


I also look at the age group "here." Although I may be one of the, if not "the," oldest I've gotta recall that there are a lot of kids starting to play.


How many folks here have spent a lotta cash on tuning electronics instead of a tuning fork or pitchpipe? Or tuning machines on grounds of aesthetics rather than purely on ability to tune strings?


Do I personally "need" a minitune? Nope. A pitchpipe or equivalent works fine for me. Could I use one and get back to messing a lot with playing in different tunings, especially open G, 'stedda having separate instruments tuned differently? Absolutely.


I think if Gibson wheels are reading this thread, it does offer input on perspectives of people who in general like Gibsons and/or Gibson design instruments - some of whom feel that a minitune is a stupid thing to add to a guitar.


I'd not make it mandatory but then, I think a lot of mandatory crud on automobiles that make them cost more shouldn't be there either. That's far more expensive per vehicle than a built-in inexpensive tuning device on a guitar. In fact, one could purchase a J45 or ES335 - or more - with the car savings.


<grumph> Then again, maybe I'm just a grouchy old man.


Edit... BTW, if I could resell at retail all of my electronic tuners, I could buy a new low-end Gibson or high-end Epi.



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Why are they so gung ho on slapping these tuners on everything in sight? My guess is that Gibson is a silent partner in Tronical Tuners or whatever that company is named.


They won't move a ton of them due to aftermarket demand as not too many people would want that item but if it's added to each new unit and then the price of each guitar is increased to reflect the price of the tuner that might make sense in a strange sort of way.

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I have no problem with this at all.

Don't like em being mandated on Gibson LPs - prefer those be left as is not tampered with,... but putting them on some Epi's I have no issue with - in fact I think of it as a good way to get the benefits of the e-tune thing for a low price and without having to mess with your main Gibson instrument.

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I think there may also be a bit of marketing savvy in this too.


Like it or not, I'll wager more guitars between $100 and $2,500 go to relative beginners than to weekend warriors and pros. If an electric tuner makes a Gibson-type guitar easier for them... it makes sense.


Those of us who have been around long enough not either to need or want one can have our own opinions pro or con - but it likely won't make a hill of beans in terms of sales to "us" compared to the less experienced.



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