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Help! Gibson EB-0 Long and Short Scale Length


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I have a case, likely 70's, where I'm trying to figure out what instrument fits in it. It's a Lifton, likely from 70's, and has a very large space for the head.

I suspect it may be for a Gibson EB-0 so I took it to a store and tried out a modern one. It looks a little too long.

I've read that Gibson made a short scale and long scale of this bass. Does anyone know how long each one was? If the short scale one is about an inch shorter, I think this "case" may be solved.


post-68409-034397600 1415244135_thumb.jpg

post-68409-077202500 1415244379_thumb.jpg

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I'll post this older photo showing short & long scale basses next to each other. On the far right, is an EB-4L & a short scale 69' EB-3. in the 70's The EB-0L, EB-3L & the EB-4L all had the same body. The bridge is positioned closer to the end of the guitar, but it is still quite a bit longer.



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As far as I know, short scale Gibsons always were 30.5" like the two of my SG Basses.


Yes they were............ but the total length as far as how they would fit in a case is what I was referring too. There is more than an inch in total length difference between the two.

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