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Need info on older Sheraton, Gibson truss rod cover, Violin Burst

old mark

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Just bought this one online from a single small pic - Older Epi Sheraton in Violin Burst, with a Gibson truss rod cover. Looks like some wear on the gold plating, but original and all there with a hard case. Standard size humbuckers.


I think it is MIK, but I don't know much about them...I have not found that finish in the Wiki article on Sheratons, so possibly that is not the actual name...a DEEP brown and not pronounced color separation as standard sunburst - NO yellow center.


Any help is appreciated - I won't have it till Saturday so I don't have an SN of other info.





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If you can post a picture that would help but I'm gonna guess early 90s Korean here's mine. It might have been a special run, I'm seeing some red ones pop up..I'm trying to get my hands on one. The early sunburst were a deep brown with a walnut looking brown back...I wish epiphone would go back to them vs these bumble bee ones



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No pic...Won't have the guitar till the weekend.


It looks like the limited edition 50th anniversary John Lee Hooker version, the dark brown color...I am very interested in seeing it myself.


It looks pretty similar to this one...



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I was unable to go pick it up yesterday, so I called and they are shipping it - won't have it till maybe Thursday.


Added: I was looking at a used one in that finish in the late 1980's, but it came with an aluminum Airline case, which almost doubled the price...I have not seen many in that deep brown - the seller called it "Violin burst".

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Got here early this afternoon. SN indicates this is a 1995 MIK Samick made Sheraton II, second year made...With its Epi case.




I didn't even wipe it off when I took these pics, and it looks to me like the tailpiece and bridge were replaced, but the gold on the pickup covers is pretty worn and I believe they are the originals...




Very nice wood, and this has the usual quality Samick workmanship.




I have since wiped it down a bit, tuned it and started to adjust the pickups to where I want them...they are VERY loud and versatile, jazzy to screamy...Pots just a little noisy but it's nearly 20 years old, so that's no surprise.


A very good and beautiful guitar - Epi, bring back this finish color!!!

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