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My new epi emperor swingster


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Well, after 2 weeks of having this baby I'm really dig'n this guitar. That initial new guitar thrill is gone, but I've been putting it through the paces, getting used to it and the heavy 11's stock strings. The more I play it, the more I like it.


It was karma that united us...


So long story short, I've seen these on the epi site and was like, cool guitar. So for about 2 years, perhaps 3 I kept a lookout for this a the local GC and other stores, just to check it out. Seems they never have any.. I liked the wildcat, but after playing it I was not too impressed. Same with low end gretch, look nice.. One issue was the 699 street for the swingstor Not bad in terms of guitars, but try to get the wife to understand that is another story. I had a yard sale the weekend before and unloaded about 500 bucks of antiques, after a week I was down to about 450. So I tell my wife, "going to guitar center to play guitars I'm not going to buy". I was about to leave GC and saw a red wine Swingstor hanging on the top rack. Wow, always wanted to check one out.... so had one of the dudes pull er down and I was like "wow, this is nice, played nice and a rich tone".... and played it some more... a lot of difference between low end epi's and high end. asked the guy how many they had stock.... that was the only one. Well, went home, got the loot, grabbed 2 low end guitars I had as trade. So 699.00 new plus an additional 15% off sale (sweet), and my trades, loot and one piss'ed wife [flapper] and BAM.... baby's mine...


Wife's over it... told her all the other antiques I have to sell go towards home fix up projects. Well, that's my story, the star's were lined up, had the cash, they had the guitar.... like god set up everything and wanted me to have this guitar... [biggrin], and if there is one thing in life I figured out, don't piss god off.... :rolleyes:

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and I love the story!! HA! "I'm not buying anything,, honest"... LOL!



I have the white Royale version, (got it 2 years ago this coming spring)


I love it. it's one fine sounding/playing axe, the pickups for MIC, are excellent. I love the tones I can get out of it and it does a decent job of resisting feedback in volume situations.


did yours have the wound G on your first restring, afaik,, that's the stock setup.


You'll like it even more with a plain G.


But 11s I think are the right gauge. 10s are just not enough string.. they just go "plink!"


here's a pic of mine.


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