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hey folks - i'm new here, have been lurking for a while feeling a little bit out of my depths, always been a fender-solids-single-coil guy and then my dad lent me his 335 for a while and i played it at a couple of gigs and realised i had to do some gibson reappraisal. i played a couple of 175s and 125s and then bought a lovely 125 from Frailers guitars in Runcorn, Cheshire - a great vintage guitar shop.


I have a couple of questions - my 125 is a 1960 and is in really great condition except it needs a new bridge and tuners. Does anyone know where to get kluson 3-rails that will fit? I ordered some of the ProTone kluson upgrades for the LP Junior but they don't fit. Also I need a new either rosewood or ebony compensated bridge but can't find one anywhere.


Also one more question, my 125 has a black pickguard but I have only seen tortoise-shell ones in photos - did Gibson ever use black pickguards or is this a likely replacement?


Thanks very much!




here's a photo of me playing it - it does more for me than i do for it...


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Welcome Ben and congratulations on the new guitar.


Yes Gibsons have their strengths - although you are obviously still a single coil person. :-)


When I need Gibson parts with fussy specs, I have found Classic Ax in Nashville very helpful:




Another possibility is a luthiers supplier like Stewart-Macdonald:





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yea - i liked the humbuckers in the 335 but i felt a bit nervous + dizzy with the extra power and i never played p90s before but i like them so single coil for the time being. maybe a halfway step?


thanks for the info on the gear spares sites

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