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Did you ever just buy a guitar for its color


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Man, charlie brown, you have been posting one great photo after another. Beautiful stuff.


That JetGlo Ric with the gold plastic is very nice. And I know what you mean by modding the guitar with the gold just to be different. I went MidnightBlue for my 330 -- just to be different -- and then I added the gold plastic to be even more different. It is a unique look that you really do not see much of.





Great looking combination, Taxman! [thumbup][biggrin]



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Actually ,any color as long as it is transparent so I can see the Wood if it is a SG or a G400 the Bevels have to be right but Tone and play ability come first .

Nice SG, mate! [thumbup] In general I also prefer transparent finishes, so the manufacturer has to be more honest with the timbers. [biggrin]

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I bought this 2011 Casino mainly because of the colour since I love black guitars. I didn't need a Casino but I always liked them and the price and timing was right so I pulled the trigger, traded a black 2006 Gibson LP Faded Special that didn't get much play after I got my SG.














This was my first Les Paul, 2000 Classic Quilt-top. Had a strat for 15 years as my only guitar and wanted something new and decided on this LP. It plays nice and was very well made and the amber quilt with black hardware caught my eye. I gave it to my brother about 10 years ago.




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Let's face it. Look are important.


We all post pictures of our guitars and people ooh and ahh over them so how a guitar looks is important to us all in various degrees. I prefer to wait and find a guitar that works for me in all aspects; feel, tone, playability and looks. I happen to like black guitars so I do tend to lean that way.


Why would anyone buy five of the same guitar in different colours if looks didn't matter? There can't be that much difference in the other factors from one to the other.

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I only knew that there was one color that I never wanted to buy and that was a goldtop LP. Every one I had seen were tacky gold flake that were just too gaudy for my taste.




Then.... this came along...










I picked it up and fell in love at first site. [woot]

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I didn't buy my Gretsch 5420T JUST for the color, but none of the other colors I'd seen that model available in did anything for me. It also has a great action and feel, and a really distinctive tone, but I gotta admit, the color is what sealed the deal for me.





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