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Trip to Russo today


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First, I have to say my powers of observation may be lacking.


Went to Russo in Asbury Park NJ today and Scott Engle brought out a 1934 L Century. At first I thought it was a re-issue because the MOTS on the fret board looked so good. Only after I played it and started to look at it that I saw it was the real deal. Maple back and sides, so I guess rare, but didn't sound great, not bad, but I'm learning I'm not a small body Gibson guy. Would be a great collector guitar.


So that's number one example of my less than sterling observational skills.


Number two: It was just Scott and me in the acoustic room when a couple of guys from the recording studio upstairs came in. Sometime guys will borrow a guitar off the wall for a session. One guy seemed to be the leader. We were introduced and his name was John. He played the Century a bit and wanted to know how Scott got it. Then they left. I asked Scott if "that guy" was a professional musician. He said "Yes, that was Jon Bon Jovi."


I'm SURE I'd recognize Tom Rush. Oh well.

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