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How many of you guys live in Houston Tx ?


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Houstonian is on the west side of 610. Not too far on a weekend from Fuller's (north side) http://www.houstonian.com/


Also Pappa's Steakhouse is some good eats...


Pappasitos for good Tex Mex


Goode Company for BBQ


Have fun!


I dont live in Houston - I used to have clients there I would regularly visit.

Thanks Sal .



I know you are in NY.

I'm originally from Freeport.




Thanks Sal.



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If you have a particular kind/ethnic food in mind, let us know. This is a city full of restaurants good and great - The Pappas' establishments already mentioned are reliable and popular, as is Goode's.


Houstonian is a very good hotel, maybe a little pricey. Generally you're OK with a major chain out in the suburbs, there is also nice stuff downtown, like the Four Seasons, Doubletree, Hilton etc. The Hilton downtown at Discovery Green is adjacent to a very nice park and restaurant.

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I'm from Houston, but I've never actually been to Fullers. Personally I'd recommend Taste of Texas on I-10 for a great steak, and I prefer Lupe Tortillas over Pappasitos for TexMex.



I recently moved from Houston (I lived there for almost 3 years). I also prefer Lupe Tortillas over Pappasitos. Their beef fajitas sometimes make me wish I never left Texas. I also really like New York Pizzeria as was mentioned above.


As far as where to stay, I'd try to find somewhere around the Memorial Park area or Galleria area.

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JC…if you were coming to our area…I'd try to get some local forum guys together for a little guitar music!!! At a minimum, I'd meet you at our version of "Fullers" and we could bang around on some guitars!!!! Why are you Houstonians so anti social….lol…in JC, you get to meet a forum member who has an AMAZING collection of guitars, even though when he posts photos of them in the forum, they always seem to be upside down or backwards or something???????!!!

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