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Went with a co-worker and fellow guitar player yesterday to Norm's Rare guitars in Tarzana. Loads of rock star guitar player pictures on the wall with the owner. No intention of getting anything. The road to hell is paved with good and not so good intentions.


My co-worker wanted to trade in a Martin Jumbo and a Mary Kay Strat for something special. He got a 1960 ES 330. Awesome.


I've been doing some recording at home and I want a bass. I want a short scale and really want something that has a real bass sound to it, not trebly like a Mustang (my impression). I asked to try out something short scale and the guy brought out a 1969 EBO, pristine, with the hang tags in the case!. Played it. Flat wounds. Sounded like Paul McCartney and JohnPaul Jones and a whole bunh of others(the bass, not me). I still am learning how to play the bass and not sound like a guitar player trying to play the bass.


He said, "you don't see these that often". I thought, "like never". Great price. I put a down payment on it. Am I nuts? Don't answer that. I do want to sound like Jack Bruce.








Don't look at the attractive woman above the headstock. [crying]


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Funny, I just now conjured up the guts to tell my wife but I did! She said it took 24 hours, how hard was that?


Gotta trade something out though, that's the deal. The 24 was spent trying to figure out what.


'Scales NOS, I believe. :unsure:

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Well, this looks like a really nice one in an incredible condition. [love] Would have liked to see a closer front view of the lady in the background though. ;)


I think there's nothing wrong with buying a bass guitar for home recording use. In 1982 I bought my first and still #1 bass, an Ibanez Blazer, just for that purpose initially. Years later I used it in a band from early 1995 to late 1996 and actually play it in another band since of March 2013.


Despite of that, I think nobody will ever play and sound like the late Jack Bruce regardless of bass model. Since you mentioned it, I have to say I also love my MIJ Fender '65 Mustang Reissue Bass which admittedly is a completely different instrument.


To my experiences there's nothing wrong with guitarists playing bass or vice versa. I'm sure you will do it right.

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I don't think you're nuts, if you want it, you can afford it then buy it. You only live once, so what the hell! And don't forget an instrument like that is never going to loose money, it's value can only go one way, up. Enjoy it.



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