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I have 2, both from 1998, both MIK by Peerless.





They were made one month apart, both are this same finish, Sunrise...Very different

feeling guitars! Even the weight is very different!



Feedback from these - and from Casinos - is a very overrated problem. Stand in front of the amp, with the guitar facing it and it will feed back. Move to one side, and it will stop. It is controllable and a lot of people play it as part of their music.


I find these older MIK Sorrentos f=very comfortable and useful for many different styles. I have one set up with flat wounds for jazz, but I'm not too happy with the strings and I plan on going to Ernid Ball Power Slinky 11's instead.


Standard pickups are the Epi P90's which are just great... but one of mine has an older Gibson mini humbucker inset into the P90 case at the neck...a great idea and makes for a lot of flexibility...


They are very light, thin hollowbodies and you can get a great rock & roll sound from them - think Izzy Stradlin...with the Ju Ju Hounds.






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Thanks for the info Old Mark! I As a Casino player I totally agree with your remarks about feedback.


The Sorrento I'm looking at is the reissue with gibson mini humbuckers - I think I would prefer the P90's - how does the full hollow body cope with mini humbuckers?


I obtained one of the Epiphone Sorrento "reissues". I believe it is in the "top 5" of all of my guitars. I can't say enough good things about this superb instrument. I'll let a picture do the talkin' msp_thumbup.gif

Royal Olive, comes with a nice "period correct" grey colored case and all of the "case candy" and a "Certificate of Authenticity"smile.gif


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The thing does feedback if you turn it up realty loud and stand in front of the amplifier...but most all electric guitars do that...To me, this guitar sounds "delightful"...Get a feedback reduction pedal if you want less feedback...if not, feedback away....woot. I dig a bit of "controlled feedback" when I rock out...doesn't evereyone ? lolrolleyes.gif this guitar does it quite wellmsp_thumbup.gifmsp_mellow.gif

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Mikey P - Here's a great "review" of the Sorrento reissue with mini humbuckers...





and here's another one with the P90's in an older MIK Sorrento...








For Blues, Jazz or Rock & Roll, it 's hard to beat...a GREAT, versatile guitar, light and easy to play. Suonds good unplugged, too and it is different enough from my Casinos that it's worth having both. If you can't get great sounds out of these things, you might try piano...



Crust, that is a beautiful guitar!

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I just got one this week.




It's a phenomenal guitar. The fit and finish is quite good, the action was easy enough to adjust to something pretty low without much buzz. Frets are smooth, well finished and close to perfect.


But the killer on it is the Gibson minihumbuckers, CTS pots and the SOUND. Wow. Now that GC has the natural finish one at $499 with HSC it's pretty close to a no brainer really. One of the best guitars I've ever held in my very own hands and played. I have to make myself put it down to get work done.

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I have an ES-125TDC, which is really the same guitar. They're basically awesome. They get typecast as jazz boxes, but they can do anything you want. They don't feed back nearly as much as people claim they do, and I've been known to daisy chain two distortion pedals together for added grungelolz.

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The old 90s Sorrentos are very close in tone to the standard line Casinos.........I have a good friend that owns one and a standard Casino.


The new 62 RI is very different in tone from the Casinos and more like a Gretsch Tennessean in tone with the tone rolled off to about half minus the bite.


It has been said they are bright guitars......I agree with the mini HB in a fully hollow body much brighter than a Casino with P90s.


I have one of the RIs and got one as mentioned here at the $499 MF has them. I would not have bought at the introduced or normal price, I played them at GC when first out and nice but not that impressed as it is a one tone kind of guitar.


Happy with the guitar and very nice quality.


Very different in tone/sustain/versatility than my 62 RI Sheraton.


As I said very nice for that price, but it would not be my only guitar by a longshot. I view it as a very close cousin to my Tennessean and would grab it for when I want that kind of tone.

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