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Les Paul Custom Legit?

Jay J

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Hey guys, everybody here seems super helpful and knowledgeable, so I thought that I would pass this on. Today I'll be looking at this 2005 Les Paul Custom off Craigslist.




I realize that right off the bat there are red flags: it's on craigslist; there's no photo of the serial number, and there's not quite enough detailed photos...


Otherwise, as far as I can see things look all legit. I spoke with the owner, and he seems like a well mannered, not-sketchy family guy with a French Canadian accent. But of course that really doesn't mean anything.


What things should I be prepared to look for and ask when I check it out later?





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Hello and welcome to the Forums!


As far as the pictures are concerned, they show a genuine Gibson.


Definitely, ask for the serial number - so You can verify it by Gibson Customer Support.


I`d ask for more pictures, even about the hardcase, the certificate of authencity, and other paperwork.


Good luck!


Best wishes... Bence

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Guest Farnsbarns

I don't think customs were made in the custom shop in 2005? A common misconception, only Gibson would have a model name and a quality designation using such similar terms.


I could be wrong about 2005 lp customs being built in the custom shop and, even if I am, the seller might simply be mistaken. Just want to inform OP just in case.

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