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I inherited a bass a little over a year ago. It's nothing to write home about: A Kingston 3/4 scale Korean made with a pancake body. This is the bass we used in high school because no one wanted to invest in one. It does have an ebony fretboard and the neck isn't warped. With a the set of flat wounds I put on her, she doesn't sound or play too badly. I'll post pics later, but think of it as a tiny version of Duff McKagan's white Fender bass.


My issue is with the setup. The bridge is a very cheap Tele style bridge where there are two cylinders with a saddle on each side (hope I am describing this correctly). With this setup it is impossible to intonate the bass. No matter how much I angle the cylinder, the bass sounds out of tune.


My question is can I put almost any bridge on it or do I need to worry about string spacing because the neck is not very wide?

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So is your one like this



Yes you can get a replacement where you get four saddles so you can fully intonate each one.. but yes you will have to make sure you get the right size for your bass......



Maybe Searcy will drop in... Hes probably the man to ask about this...

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