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And another... The new Dave Grohl ES-335


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They did one of these runs before didn't they... But I kinda like that new colour too..


Always liked his model though.. If it were a 336 size I would want it badly...




In his successful segue from drummer with legendary Nirvana to guitarist, singer and songwriter with Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl has eternally secured his reputation as one of the most influential alternative rockers of our time. Dave’s choice of electric guitar—surprising to some, a traditionally inspired semi-acoustic—further emphasizes his individuality, and declares his dedication to tone, style, and classic Gibson quality. To celebrate Dave’s achievements, Gibson Memphis introduces the Dave Grohl ES-335, a guitar made in the tradition of the great thinline vintage semi-acoustics, with Dave’s signature apparent from every angle in its distinctive looks, sound and feel.


Built to the specs of a great vintage ES-335, the Dave Grohl signature model also exhibits visual characteristics of the Trini Lopez model of the ’60s, a guitar that Dave has played on several Foo Fighter tours and recordings. The foundation follows the familiar laminated maple top and back, with a solid maple core with cedar rim liners, with characteristic diamond f-holes in the guitar’s top like the Trini model that inspired it. The mahogany neck is glued in with a historic large mortise-and-tenon joint, and has a hand-selected dark, one-piece rosewood fingerboard with acrylic split-diamond inlays and a Corian™ nut cut to perfection on our PLEK. A superb playing feel is assured by a neck profile with optimum comfort, with stand-out looks from the striking Firebird-style six-a-side headstock. Stellar tone from mean to mellow is assured by a pair of Dave’s preferred Burstbucker pickups, a #2 in the neck and a hotter #3 in the bridge, with the classic control assembly and hardware complement. This limited edition sees 200 available in Pelham Blue Metallic and 400 in Gold Metallic finish.









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Guest Farnsbarns

IMHO they'll sell ****loads of them regardless [biggrin]


Probably about 600 I'd guess.


To anyone looking for a punt, these always end up changing hands for double their money once the run has sold out.

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Im in the minority, but I dig it. Especially the Silver one. Would I pay that for it though? No.

Lol... that silver one as you say is actually a metallic gold :) (I wondered about that too)


If you look at the side shot of that one near the bottom horn you can just about see its a dark gold.

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