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Best strings for Casino


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I have two Casinos and I string them up with very different sets of strings so I can get a full complement of tones.


On my natural I have Gibson Brite Wires .10 - .46s

On my burst I have GHS flatwounds .10 - .42s


On my natural with the Gibson Brite Wires I get a real ripping tone. Very bright with a lot of bite.


On my burst Casino with the flatwounds, the flats give me two tones depending upon which pickups I am using. With the bridge or bridge/neck pickup I get an early rock sound. Think the lick from "Day Tripper." And when I play with just the neck pickup, the flats give me a smooth, almost jazzy tone. You mention Paul Weller, well, when I play his Style Council song "Shout To The Top" I use my Casino with the flatwounds.

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Not really a "string expert" but, I had been using Elixir Nano's (10-46) on all my elec's, Casino included. Decided to experiment and tried EB Slinky's on my Dot and, well, "meh". Then tried EB Cobalt's on the same Dot and WOW. Also tried then on my LP and then Casino. Very bright and crisp sounding. Can't say much for other features (i.e. longevity, etc.) but that's where I'm at today. YMMY of course, since string opinions are like, well, you know...everybody has one [flapper]

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I bought a IBJL Casino this week and I'm very pleased with it.


It arrived on Friday afternoon and I gigged with it that evening. The strings seemed a lot lighter than I normally use., does anyone know what gauge of string is fitted to Casinos when shipped.


I might take a punt on the Elixirs. I've read varying reports on them but I guess the only way is to try them out. I too play in a Beatles tribute band as John, so which version of the Elixirs would be best for me, the Nanowebs or the Polywebs?


Any advice appreciated...





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I, too, like the EB Cobalts, but I use them on my Sheraton. For my Casino, I started with T-Is and recently switched to DR Pure Blues, when I changed out the pickups to Lollars. The Casino was my "jazz" guitar, but now that I have the Zephyr Blues Deluxe, the Casino sees more rock use and I really like the DRs for that. But, I might try the Cobalts, next time I change strings.

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