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Need help identifiing a Gibson Les Paul Custom


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Hello FyDe, and welcome to these fora.


Do you have any clues how old this guitar could be? Is the serial number embossed to the headstock back? To me it is likely to be prior to 1974, the beginning of the decal years. In 1977, Gibson switched to eight embossed digits, during 2004 to nine, but same year the Les Paul Custom manufacturing was moved to the Custom Shop. Gibson Custom serial numbers are inked, not embossed.


Pictures would be helpful, too. Due to the data limit of 500kB per account, it is best to upload them to an account at a cloud provider and link them to your posts.

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Hey capmaster,


the serial number is embossed to the wood at the back of the Headstock.

At the moment i Think its a very "new" guitar , as the seller told me it would be a 2009er because of the first 2 digits. 090928.

But I am not sure if this is right. I can take a foto of the serial number if this helps after i got home.


Here a Picture of the guitar:



Hope This helps



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Researching on this resulted in the following: Embossed six-digit numbers starting with 09 would be 1967 or 2009. Seriously, I would be glad to own a 1967 as well as a 2009 and perhaps even prefer the first one. Pictures of headstock front and back would be helpful, in particular since the Gibson inlay is hidden on your pic.


The guitar looks clearly real. I think it has to be a reissue in case of being made in 2009, for the serial number as well as for the ABR-1 bridge. The "regular" Les Paul Custom models come with Nashville bridges since many years.


I'm curious for the pics to follow.

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[love] What a crazy beauty! Definitely awesome. [wub]


The back of the headstock and the pot codes may clear this up - I still can't decide. The font of the Gibson inlay makes it more likely to be a 2009, but I can't tell for sure. I believe in 1967 they used the same brand sign as in 1960 when the Les Paul hiatus began.

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Thanks for the compliment !!! :-)

I also think the good piece is just gorgeous.


Now what is lacking to the guitar to really identify unequivocally?


PS: I wanted to write you a private message, but you can not receive any more messages.

I'm also from Germany

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I have asked the Customer Service and i got this answer:


Thank you for your email. The serial number of this guitar links in our database to a 1968 Les Paul Custom Authentic in Classic Vintage White finish with Gold hardware, made at Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, Tennessee in 2009.


Please find a sheet with the specifications attached to this email.


Thanks a lot

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