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help me choose a les paul


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ok i have 2000 usd


the tone im looking for is

1.Trebley for very punchy tone

2.something that would sound good with octavater and chrous

3.I also like a warm jazzy sound


the lighter the guitar the better.


I like the feeling of les pauls. what do you think would be a good fit.

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dude look on craigslist and ebay. you can find really nice gibsons on there for under 2000.

i think this ones dumb but you said the lighter the better






it's a bit more then 2000 but damn it's fine looking.



double cut studio



nice studio



pretty cool deluxe





or just a regular standard



i know this isn't a LP but it's got all the things you are looking for. and it's the best guitar i have ever played. you would have to save up a bit more but it's worth it.



i cant choose the guitar for you but there's a bunch of links to good one that are around you price range. i would personaly save a bit more and get the johnny A, you owe it to yourself to go to guitar center or something and at least try one.

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