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Help and Advice for first INTL shipping


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Gang - got a buyer for my H157 thru Reverb. Can I get some words of wisdom and experience?


My research suggests the cost from USA to UK via USPS will be around $125. (I want to charge him $150 and refund the actual difference)


Reverb will take their 3.5% cut (I will cover that)


PayPal will get their 3.9% cut as an international transaction (plus .20 GBP currency conversion fee)


I've used PP 'gifting' option thru a totally private sale before...but as I'm using Reverb (for some measure of piece of mind)...this may not be appropriate. Seller is paying PP anyway.


Also, buyer is paying for his VAT and other custom's fees.








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Sounds like you've got it all worked out. What do you need help with? You don't seem to be asking a question?

I'm just very nervous and don't want to make a mistake of some silly sort.


I used the USPS calculator with the UK code, box size/dimensions, wt, value...and it popped out $109...but I was not sure it included insurance. I emailed the USPS to confirm.








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Just loosen the strings, support the headstock (top and bottom) with bubble wrap and use either the factory box or buy a NEW one at a UPS store and have them pack it with packing peanuts and you should be good to go. Oh, and only ship to a verified PayPal address so you don't set yourself up for a screwing.






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