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2011 "60's Trib" - w Rosewood and Humbuckers??

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I'm considering a used Gibson Les Paul that's advertised as a 2011

model "60's Tribute". The serial number is 126610357. The guitar also has: --

Blank Truss Rod Cover/ "Les Paul Model" on headstock -- Chrome Covered Humbucker

Pickups -- White/Creme Pickguard, Pickup Rings, and "Poker Chip" -- Gold top hat

knobs with silver inserts and pointers -- Large trapezoid inlays The seller

claims that the guitar is all original and has a rosewood fingerboard. This does

not add up for me.


Pictures are attached. Any info regarding the model and detailed

specifications that correspond to the provided serial number would be

greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance.

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Hello AS, and welcome here.


Looks real, would have thought they had come with black plastics but I may be wrong. Everything else seems consistent with the model to me.


Do you have some more pics you could provide here, in particular showing the headstock?

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A few things don't add up to this being an all original 2011 60's Tribute with a rosewood fingerboard. I'm not 100% positive about any of this, but just operating from what I've seen here and there:


-- 2011 "60's Tribute" models had P-90's, not humbuckers


-- The serial number 126610357 puts the manufacture date at September 2011 and most all Tributes had baked maple boards during that period.


I think this guitar is more likely a 2011 50's Tribute. The only thing inconsistent with that is the pickup covers, as 50's Tributes came with uncovered pickups in 2011. And the rosewood board claim is still a mystery to me too. I've contacted Gibson, and I'll post what I learn from them.



The headstock front would match the Tribute series.


What else things did throw you off? The neck pickup is reverse mounted, stock would have been black speed knobs on her instead golden reflector ones, but otherwise?

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Common 50's Tributes had P90s, 60's Tributes covered BurstBuckers, 70's Tributes Dirty Fingers only available open coil due to featuring three magnets each like the 500T. There were 50's Tributes featuring open coil humbuckers, too, but I think they were limited dealer exclusives in the US. I know of none which made it to Europe.


You're correct, they switched to baked maple for some models during 2011 because of lacking enough rosewood after the raids and the flood, but they still made some guitars featuring it.

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Gibson responded quickly to my inquiry as follows:


The pictures and serial number are consistent with a Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute w/Humbuckers model in Satin Ebony finish, made on the 266th day of 2011 in Nashville, TN. Here is a link with more information on the model,




So, it's a 50's Studio Tribute with humbuckers that have added covers. The specs on the link show Baked Maple, so I'm going to have to get some more pics to investigate the Seller's claim that it's Rosewood.


Thanks for all the replies.

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Hello Capmaster!


The first time I saw them, they were advertised as Thomann Exclusives.


Cheers... Bence

Never knew of that. Perhaps same exclusive here as at GC in the USA? They must have sold very fast, or I would have become aware of them I think. Via web it's often easier to spot a single oddball guitar sitting at a dealer collecting dust... ;)

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