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Is this a legit Gibson SG or is it fake.

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Hey there!


I am currently looking to buy a Gibson SG Faded and I have found what looks to be a good offer. I would like to get some expert opinion on whether the guitar is not fake. I would greatly appreciate any info concerning the instrument and I will gladly take any advice about my eventual move to buy it lol


This is the add: http://bazar.muzikant.org/gibson-sg-faded,183530.html


The serial number looks to be 026450678


And here are some photos:









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Looks legit. The pickups have adjustable pole pieces whereas most of the fakes have two rows of slugs. The serial number decodes to a manufacture date of September 21, 2005. The bridge looks like it is mounted the correct way, that is, on posts sunk into the top and adjusted by thumbscrews. The headstock logo and control knobs look right too.


Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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