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My teenage daughter is a lefty and I traded a mate a practice amp for a crappy left-hand set up beginners classical guitar a year or 2 back for her to try out and since then often she sits and plays chords sings along, so I've been half keeping an eye out for a decent affordable electric as the classical has wide neck, high action etc... so she'd be amazed how much easier an electric is to play, but with her being a lefty mine and her brother's are no use to her (given she started playing left handed on the classical...)


So I got this on eBay. As far as I can tell its got to be a G-400 from sometime say 2002-2010 so should be decent. My mate who's picked it up at the pawnbroker and is storing it for us for now (and is a gigging muso) says its all good after checking it over and playing it. Cost the Aussie equivalent of 125 US or 80 UK [thumbup] so very pleased and looking forward to getting it here pre-Xmas (even though I can't play it myself).





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