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How do you determine if an SG is original or not, ive seen a couple around the internet but i want to know if they are legit Gibson SGs.


You mean if it is a fake? It's kind of a rule here not to point out flaws in fakes in order to keep that knowledge away from the counterfeiters but if you post a picture or link to the specific guitar you are talking about I'm sure some people including myself will give you a yes/no answer as to its authenticity.

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To determine if a guitar, ANY guitar is a fake or not, you find an "expert" you can trust, or you learn to be an expert yourself.


As for having a certain seriel#, this feature or that, there are clues you could learn about. But "clues" do NOT make a real one fake, or a fake one real.


Asking for clues or features so the average guy can determine genuine vs fake is the easiest way to get ripped off and fooled.


Giving away "clues" on the internet is bad taste. It's often seen as helping the thieves who want to fool others.


Everyone has to live with themselves.

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