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Custom and VOS Stickers On Pickguards


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Sorry for my dumb question, but I fear I just don't get it anyhow. Given one bought a brand-new Gibson Custom or VOS guitar coming with a Custom or VOS sticker on the pickguard - what is one supposed to do with that?


My personal assumption is the following: The typical collector would leave it on for displaying the guitar in a glass case, the average player would peel it off. Will the latter run the risk of devaluating the instrument just by removing the sticker? Or should one try getting a replacement pickguard for actual use and put the stock one with the sticker on the shelf?


I'm curious about your votes.

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Change the pick guard and play the hell out of it or take it off and play the hell out of it. Then again you may want to leave it on and play the hell out of it. Anyway you do it works… If you are going to put it in a glass case and look at it keep it 100% as it was new but why would you want to do that? It will never be a vintage 50s or 60s guitar. In the future, that fact that it's made out of real wood my make it a collectors item but we may not be around to see that...

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I don't think it matters that much, but just for the sake of conversation...


I don't believe it will actually affect the value if you toss the sticker. The guitar won't be worth any more or less. BUT, it may be easier to sell in the future.


Reason being, a VOS or a Custom is worth considerably more than a "regular" Gibby. It doesn't change what the actual guitar is, and a guy paying the "extra" in monetary terms will certainly not take the sticker as proof, but it IS perhaps useful if and when you go to sell it to get a little interest if you still have it.


A pickgaurd is pretty cheap.

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Guest Farnsbarns

Oh, I forgot...


We have to have the "pickgaurd on or off" argument if we are to get anywhere with this.


I think it's been a month since the last one.

No we don't. Off, done. :D

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I've noticed some guys on here keep the stickers on, especially in the Epiphone forum, which I find quite odd personally. Some people even keep the 'peel off all protective covering' sticker thing on theirs. Bizarre!


If you must keep the sticker, just peel it off and stick it on the product literature that comes with the guitar.


None of my Gibson Customs came with these stickers as they seem to have only put them on in the last few years, so luckily I wasn't kept up at night worrying about the quandary 'to peel off or to keep on' [scared][biggrin]


On a side note, whenever I buy a new Epi with the E on the pickguard I take it off straight away as it always looks tacky and cheap to me - but that's just my preference.

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Well, here is a short picture story of an R7 and it's VOS sticker and pickguard history


The very minute my late friend Ed brought it home and opened the case. Notice the Custom sticker still on and the toggle switch hadn't even been screwed on yet.



A few short minutes later, Ed posing and the sticker is off.



Sometime within a year later and I'm playing it at a gig and pickguard has been removed.



The guitar is now mine and I have no idea whatever became of the pickguard. :-k Moral of the story is....I really don't know, but it seemed appropriate. :rolleyes:

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