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single p/u 175 vs. Ellis ES-165


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I think I have this right?


Ok there were single pickup 175s from 1949 thru 1971


Then no single p/u (except some special orders) from 1972 thru about 1992 when the Herb Ellis 165 came out.


Then single p/u 175 back on the scene some time last decade/turn of the century.



What I would like to know is are the Ellis 165 (except for the later version that had a different neck pickup and a guard mounted volume control) really the same as the newer 175s or even the older ones (not including early P-90 version)


Reason for this inquiry is I am looking for a single p/u 175 that is not a P-90 one (need a bucker) not a high priced '57-62' PAF one, and not a narrow neck late 60s one.


The used Ellis 165s seem to be going for quite a bit less than the recent single p/u 175s (or at least what they are put out for) These recent snigle p/u VOS or whatever 175 don't seem to be sellign used for the 3500 they are out for.


Bottom line -- if I get a good 90s Ellis, is that pretty much an 90s 175 (even tho they weren't made then)


Thanks for all input.



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