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Here are a couple pics of my 2013 '50s Tribute SG—which I just modified...


I had the neck P-90 replaced with a Seymour Duncan mini humbucker. Both Robby Krieger and Neil Young had this done to their respective Les Pauls (though Young put it at the bridge).


Sounds ever sweeter now. This, of course, means I need to get a new SG Standard P-90—so that I'll have an all-P-90 SG in my collection. [wink]





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Still in the process of upgrading some cosmetics, but did just swap out the corian nut for Tusq today and added a lot of mid and low end (yes, they make a difference).


2013 SGJ with Grover kidney tuners, Tusq nut, Gibson Gear plain truss cover, vintage toggle switch cover, black/silver top hats... '61 short PG on the way from PickGuardian. Also swapped out the silver strap pins from my LP... nasty black plastic ones hidden in a bag of parts.




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Hey Gibson

Thats the model SG I have and your upgrades are on my list. I was thinking of the nickel covers and use the ivory/gold switch cover and ring gold knobs. Wanting to go retro on it. It seems it is an old school model ala Les Paul and I love it.

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Hey there. Where did you get the chrome Gibson tailpiece for your SG.

Very nice. Want to add to my 2014 SG.



If you're asking Me (CB), which chrome tailpiece are you inquiring about?

The Maestro "Lyre," or the Sideways vibrola? Both of mine came "stock" on

those particular models. In fact, all my SG's are "Stock" with the exception

of the nuts(changed to bone), and, the truss rod covers, which are Gibson's

"vintage spec'd" versions.



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I hope 4Hayden doesn't mind as he started the LP & ES threads, but nobody has done one for SG's yet so I thought I would begin one.


I have 3 Gibson SG's & 1 Epi, here's 2 of them...the other 2 will follow when I upload some pics of them.


SG Custom (Kirk Douglas)

Sorry cody78....Didn't mean to step on your spot man....Don't know what happened...Below is my SGmsp_biggrin.giffc0f6817-cd9a-4f4c-8e5f-e7611c46654c_zpsim8hkcbr.jpgmsp_rolleyes.gif



Hello All, Just posted some pics of a Les Paul Standard I recently bought.....Can't ignore my SG though.....2011 SG Standard Honeyburst 490/498 Zebras. She's a Sweetheart...My 1st Gibson USA ! Last pic too dark. Actual color is as in case pics

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