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My most recent SG acquisition...2018 SG Jr. With added bone nut, reflector knobs, and (bottom photo) compensating bridge (Nickel)

(It was Fine, stock...I just added things to my own preferences, and to more accurately reflect my old, original,

'61 Les Paul (SG) Jr.)












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Hi guys,


I have a 2010 Gibson SG Special Faded which quickly became my favorite guitar. I literally do not play my other guitars anymore, she sits on my stand so I can quickly grab it and play it whenever I want. I love the light weight, the smoothness of the satin neck, the accessibility of the double-cut body, the versatility of the HH 2V 2T configuration and the sound of the 490R/T combo.




post-90643-033621600 1519982269_thumb.jpg

post-90643-055478300 1519982278_thumb.jpg

post-90643-098681900 1519982293_thumb.jpg

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I am new here ... I have two sweet Gibsons (a 1979 SG Standard and a 2010 Les Paul). The SG is my baby...


The 79 SG Standard was made in Kalamazoo, and I bought it around 1982 from Mike Varney (Shrapnel Records owner); this was his #2, and he was looking for cash to start up Shrapnel. It came to me with the case and Grover tuners from his #1 (a 1967 SG). It also came from Varney with an original Dimarzio SD in the bridge, and the Lyre plate. In the 1990s, I replaced the pickups with Gibson 496R/500T pickups which are awesome. I also replaced the second tone knob with a phase-out switch (no drilling, though). I still have the pickups that I took out of it.


This guitar has been VERY heavily played, but I always babied it as much as I could. It still plays super sweet ... it is the perfect SG. Varney told me to let him know if I ever decide to sell it (has never crossed my mind in the many decades that I had it).





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Yes, everything, Blues, Tuna, Stripers, Fluke


When I was a kid I did lots of bluefishing with my Dad. At one point he had a 13' Boston Whaler and one time me and him filled up the boat to the underside of the seats with bluefish on one tide. Not sure how many fish it was (200-300?), but we could barely make it back to the harbor. I didn't even have time to put my boots on - I just fished barefoot off the seats. They were hitting the jig about 5' below the boat. I haven't fished much since I moved to Tennessee. You know, fresh water and all....

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