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My (horrible phone pic) SG




I think I bought it in 2006 but don't quite remember. It has a 6 digit serial number beginning with 06, but serial number lookups say it's an invalid number.


Being a Beatle nut I wanted a Maestro trem like George's SG.



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Here's my '87 '61 reissue Les Paul SG Custom. It's my first and only SG and wow -- it plays like the wind and has a beautiful voice. As I understand it, this was one of the early post-Norlin, "new"/revived Gibson creations, and I really appreciate the many things the company got really right in producing this run.

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SG's Modified :)





The Ebony one (originally a 70's tribute) now has real MOP inlays, a Jag/Jazzmaster trem, a Towner roller bar and is refinished. I am currently refinishing it again in gloss black with a ebony mid-stripe, although I am considering going all black.


The blue one is my Melody Maker SG, it has switches: 1. parallel/series. 2. phase. 3. bass cut.

It has an earthing issue just now in the neck HB, I hope to switch that HB out (maybe get a Fender Wide Range) when I have some spare cash.


LOVE the '90s neck' on the Melody Maker :)

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I've had this for awhile, but finally posting it to join in the SG fun. My 1995 Gibson SG Special.





Did you add pick-up covers? I've got the same year SG special and mine has no covers, but I did consider adding some. If you did add them let me know where you got them from.


Keep Rocking.



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