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Oh snap! That is a beauty. Just enough red and just enough flame. Perfect top. [thumbup] Color me jealous [wub]



There's just something about a truly tasteful burst! No pun intended... msp_biggrin.gif


That one is righteous!


As for last guitar purchase, not buyin' it... rolleyes.gif



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Thanks again everyone! I'm not worthy!!![smile]


This will be the last guitar I ever buy


we'll believe that when we "don't see another NGD post!" !!



it looks great... congrats!


And as far as buying another guitar, I simply have ran out of room in my office/man cave/playroom.

If anything, I will be trimming the herd down anyway. I have too many guitars. My GAS has been replaced with claustrophobia.

I literally have about six square feet to play in. Too many amps and guitars. [scared]

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