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step into the TARDIS, please


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Celebrating no particular anniversary, since the upcoming one in America is 51 years. But this is a great video, full of energy and promise. Never mind that the song was already #1 in the UK, and would be in the US by February 1964, when I was a lad of 17 and Em7 probably had just entered the world, but already knew he was going to be a musician the first time he heard it.


You only have to be marginally observant to realize that the sound track is the studio version, but the boy band does a good job of making it all seem real.


Nice Gibson content, for those of us who care. If it were not for these guys, I doubt if any of us would care what a J-160 was.


Yeah, Yeah, yeah....


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Not bad - they might have got somewhere if they had their hair cut!




Was that miming or is that the actual lead guitar sound?







I think it was the lead guitar sound, but as produced in the studio. The rhythm guitar in the video doesn't match the same guitar in the recording, for sure.

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