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I just bought a new J160. This has been a dream of mine for a while. Although the sound is smack on the $$ for that Lennon sound, there is a buzzing that happens on the A string from the 1st to the 5th fret, and the dealer can't seem to fix it. Any ideas as to what it can be? In addition, there is no strap button on the top. There is one at the bottom only. Do I have to screw it in myself?

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Buzz goes away when fretting at 6? Sounds like you may have a bit of a high fret somewhere that needs a bit of crowning. I'm surprised the guitar tech at your dealer cannot find and correct this.


When you speak of a missing step button, are you referring to the button position on the neck, like in the photo? Installing one is pretty simple if you have a drill, proper size bit, and some level of DIY competence.



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The buzzes may settle down after much playing...


Try capo-ing a few chord progressions to get the feel of things


Vintage correct J160's would not have a 2nd strap button


Installing a strap button on the side of the guitar is a specialist job for a pro...





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I just noticed that the straps used by the Beatles were attached to the neck area. That is not a major problem. The buzzing comes from the inside of the guitar. Most likely it is a wire from the pick up that is loose. I have an app tomorrow to have a luthier look at it. I like the guitar very much. But it's pretty annoying to know that after paying top dollars for this Gibson, I still need to be bothered to make adjustments or have it checked!!! :(

Thanks to all for your input

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Did you try changing the 5th string. Maybe it's defective or not hitting properly in the end pin? Also, first try loosening it and running a pencil point's lead through the nut slot. The pencil lead will lubricate it slightly in case it is hanging up there a slight bit. Then retighten the string. If that fixes it, I would run a small file slightly through the nut slot to remove any possible burrs in the slot, then repencil point it. If the pencil lead doesn't work, then try changing the string and see if that fixes it.

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