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2x12 Cabinet Build


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Years ago I made my bass player a 4x10 cabinet because his fell apart and ever since I have wanted to make my own (guitar) cabinet... finally started too! Progress so far... over a few days. Allowing the glue to dry etc... I thought I had enough tolex left over from the bass cab build but I didn't so have to pick up some more... rather annoying... on hold right now.




Router chipped the wood pretty good... hard to hold these up properly free handing the finger joints.




Glue it up!




After drying is complete.












Test fit for some speakers I had around; I intend to wire with Greenbacks.





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Guest Farnsbarns

Nice work, tell us the specs. Series/parallel? What impedance? Any stereo switching etc?


What colour Tolex and grill are you going with?


I wish I'd built mine like this with ply, square corners and finger or dovetail joints. Stronger, lighter and much less work.


I've discovered a massive CNC wood cutting place a mile from my house. If I ever want to make another shapely cab I'm gonna spend half a day on SolidEdge and half a day glueing the perfectly shaped pieces they supply and be done with it.

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This will run two 16ohm to make an 8 ohm just because 8 is more readily available for heads etc... I was planning white tolex with a blue/silver/black grill similar to an ampeg, at this point might change the color due to lack of having enough but maybe a two tone type job, we will see. More updates to come.

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