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No number on headstock of new L5CES


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Just wondering if the serial number is always stamped on the back of the headstock on Gibson L5CES guitars. No stamped serial number on the guitar I've purchased for my son for Christmas.


I know all the solid bodies have a stamped serial number because they can't put a label inside like they do on the hollow-bodies.


Do Gibson hollow-body guitars have the serial number stamped on the headstock as well as on a paper label inside?

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Not all Gibson archtops do have a stamped headstock.


My ES 5 Switchmaster from 2010 doesn't have a stamped serial number, but some from earlier years do. My ES 175 does have a stamped number on the headstock.


Gibson seem to change their minds every few years on whether to stamp or not to stamp! I'm pretty sure I have seen some pictures of L5's with and without a stamp. I wouldn't worry too much if it was bought from an authorised dealer.


I'm sure some L5 owners will reply and put your mind at ease.

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There has been some discussion of late on here about Gibson number stamping. My brand new 1959 ES345 Reissue does not have a number on the headstock but this is "period correct". The only number is on the orange label inside the f-hole.

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The label reads like this:


Style: Guitar

Gibson: L-5 CES

Number: 12803003 is hereby


against faulty workmanship and materials.



Tennessee, USA


The second label says:

The top, back, tone bars

and air chamber of this instrument

were tested,tuned and the assembled instrument tried

and approved September 10, 2013

(signature unable to be read but the initials are JDC)


The guitar is new, from an authorized dealer so I can be confident it is not a fake.

I'm just checking because I read somewhere that the serial # is stamped on the back of the headstock of Gibson guitars.

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