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Les Paul identification advice


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I've been offered white arch top Les Paul with golden tuners, built in 2000.

Looks to be in very good condition, but it's quite a long drive, so I want to be sure that its a genuine one.

Serial no.: 00900609

What do you think about it? How much is it worth?

Many thanks for your help.



post-68987-037025800 1418080819_thumb.jpg

post-68987-094206200 1418081011_thumb.jpg

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Hello Volker!


I agree with Pippy, it's not a Gibson. No Les Paul was ever made with three screws holding the truss rod cover.


Also, the headstock's dimensions are incorrect.


I have to admit, I am surprised. Had to take a second look. I have a feeling that, this one is not a typical chinese fake. I rather think, it's a custom-built one.


Cheers... Bence

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Guest Farnsbarns

Strange that I've seen that composite picture before.


Definitely fake but not all the usual details are wrong. Something bothering me here, not listing clues but that headstock is so funny.

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Hi all,


many thanks for all your helpful hints and comments [thumbup]

Yes, it just doesn't look right, especially the head stock shape and the logos...

At first I thought this maybe is because of the unusual, white surrounding / an odd camera angle. [unsure]


@ Farnsbarns: it did the composite picture myself by using the original, low quality pics from the vendor (didn't changed the resolution).


Thanks again, saved me lots of trouble, time and money ;-)


Cheers, Volker

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