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What a difference an RMA makes! THANK YOU GIBSON REPAIR!!!


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I just took re-delivery of my DF 0711 30 minutes ago , fresh from being serviced at Gibson Nashville repair department these past 2 1/2 weeks..


What a difference an RMA visit back to Nashville for repairs makes!


My MCK is now working great. Have not had time to plug it into an amp, but they did the following:


* Polished the fret edges


* Replaced the MCK


* Re installed the PU selector Blend switch - its now at least 1/4" further recessed into the guitar. This allows the Dark Fire to easily fit inside standard Les Paul cases.


* Repaired all paint defects. - now I can experience that great Gibson spray booth Nitro smell !!!)


My DF0711 meets my original expectations when I decided this was a "must own " guitar to add to my tool collection.



I want to give a thanks to everyone in the Gibson Service Repair Department - Jason, Vince, and everyone else who worked on this instrument to make it "meet spec" and finally be "right".

I'm so happy - It makes me want to fly you guys out to Branson, MO this summer for a bass fishing trip, and catch a few music shows as we all sing a few chorusus of:


"I'm proud to be an American"


"I'm proud to own a Gibson"



Great Job Guys!

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As my luck would have it - I will be bringing my Dark Fire to NAMM.


I'm taking along a silver marker pen.

Its my hope to have the Dark Fire development team autograph my Dark Fire along the sides of the guitar.


I'll be showing the Dark Fire to a few friends in the MI industry and hopefully help sell a few guitars for Gibson.


Maybe I can convince S.I.R. and Andy Brauer they need to have several Dark Fires on hand as studio rental axe's !







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Yeah, the DF development team autograph would be awesome!

Please upload some PICs, elantric!!!


Now I wish mine also had some problems so that I can get fret polishing and nice smell...


Seriously, it is really great to know that Gibson really backs up their products.

Thanks, elantric, for the nice report.

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Hi Elantric,


When you said they "polished the frets", did they file them down a bit as well?


Maybe it's me, but compared to my other Les Pauls, this thing shreds my hands when I go up and down the fretboard. Thought maybe you experienced the same thing?



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Indeed - I could slice sausage with the Fret ends on my 1st Dark Fire delivery experience


I do like the PLEKd polished frets in the playing area - but the edge of the fretboard needed a bit more attention to check for sharp edges 30% of the Dark Fires I played at NAMM had the same issue I checked out 9 dark fires for sticky MCKs - none were to be found - ALL MCKs were perfect, as mine is now, thanks to contacting Gibson for an RMA.


Henry wants us to be happy, because this insures market growth.

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Message to Henry :-) (who wants us to be happy)


I wish I could actually TALK to Customer Service! So I could discuss RMA for my sticky MCK / Toggle.


I spent some time on hold on long distance oversea call, no luck (Europe toll free not working from Switzerland) and no luck with email so far,


So I remain calm, cool, zen, polite and positive and I try the forum, please search DF1483 in your mailbox... or spam bin,




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I have the same issues with a sticky MCK and sharp frets. I apologize as I am sure it is in here somewhere but how do I initiate the RMA back to Gibson? When I do, how long does the guitar disappear for? How do I ship the guitar back?

Is there a link somewhere?

Many thanks

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Email or Call - explain the MCK is not right.





1-800-4GIBSON (1-800-444-2766)



AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, & MSN Messenger

users can IM Gibson Customer Service at customer.service1@gibson.com





00+8004GIBSON1 (00+800-444-2766-1)












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Hi Ian,


All this depends if you are based in US or somewhere else, particularly for timings, but the contacts listed on your RIP Rebate form that came with the guitar should work, including the toll free number. Email or phone should get through,


Mine is leaving today, I had to return it to my dealer and I'll know sooner or later how long it took!

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