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Do you have the Christmas Spirit yet?


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OK guys, silly season is well and truly upon us now, and that means only one thing. Party time! Booze, broads, and anything else you can think of. Now, for those who are hitched to a dray but still want to get out quickly to see the boys, I've got here just what you need. Have this filled out and it's legal.



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I am Roman Catholic by family tradition, but gnosticist by heart.


I hate Christmas.


The crowd, the heavy traffic.


Then, I am usually at home, which means work. Lots of work.


Everyone is celebrating with His/Her family - I only spend the Christmas eve with them. We live a bit far apart from each other.


Besides them, I have noone.


Everyone is hammered - I don`t drink, so I can`t even join those sad guys who spend the night in the pub.


The same boring Christmas songs...but no snow this year.


Ah... ****.


Merry Christmas to all of You!


Best wishes... Bence

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I don't know, it's been now years that I don't feel it. I am not a religeous kind of person but I always loved winter. It's probably my favorite time of the year. But since I left Switzerland, wich is where I grew up I don't feel it the same way. For me without snow it doesn't work. But hey at least here in Spain the señoritas are hot to. Ups.... have to go my girlfriend calls me.

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