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AC/DC UK dates announced


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Ohh man, I wanna go to that... COULD be one of the last times we see them... At Wembley Stadium too...



AC/DC return to London and Glasgow with their ROCK OR BUST WORLD TOUR


AC/DC will make their long awaited return to London's Wembley Stadium on Saturday 4 July and Glasgow's Hampden Park on Sunday 28 June.


Tickets on sale Wednesday 17 December at 09:30.

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I last saw them in 1988 - even though they were a bunch of old farts in their 30's (Johnno was 40!!) ... [biggrin]

One of the best shows I've seen - they just play everything perfectly with immense power - who needs distortion when you've got that.

Yeah, it's time. [cool]


Happy Birthday Cliff Williams - 65 today I believe. Could now register for the old age pension in Australia. Rock on!

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I posted this in KISS rig rundown but I think it fits here better.

I think the reason Back In Black was so good was because Bon Scott wrote those songs I have a recording of him singing Back In Black. They never gave him credit but he wrote those lyrics. You can close your eyes and hear him singing each one of those songs. The thing that most people dont get is Bon Scott was as much AC/DC as Angus and Malcolm. Bon was no average Singer he had been in the industry for years and he is the one that set their standards and style. After Back In Black they lost that style a bit. They lost part of AC/DC. Black Ice is the first time in years they have sounded like AC/DC again to me, they found them selves. Sad that Malcolm will not return because Rock or Bust does not have it again, I love them and support them but Black Ice was the last true AC/DC album.

Rock or Bust is great and I applaud them for going on. It sounds like earlier AC/DC, before they evolved where Black Ice sounds like AC/DC at its peak.

One of the greatest rock bands to survive out of the 70s there is. To bad UFO and the Runaways aren't still going strong too.

Ive listened to the new album a few times now... and you know I actually think I like it better than Black Ice... Its got some great groves..

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