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If you are ever in Nashville - Part Two


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Visit United Record Pressing, the largest vinyl record pressing company in the world in business for more than 60 years.


They only give one tour on Friday mornings and cost $10.


The place is like a time capsule that has not changed much over the decades, a lot of history there including kitchen and rooms that were used by Motown artists visiting during the years of segregation.


Everything you ever wanted to know about vinyl records, facts and myths.


No pics of the production rooms (which is the coolest part) due to copyright protection. They were pressing Iron Maiden records when I went, I wanted to take a pic so bad.


You get to see how they press the vinyl from pellets to final product.











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The first pic was a gratuitous shot of downtown but this place is not far, it is close to Greer Stadium, the old baseball stadium.


They do not sell vinyl, well, they do but it's like a souvenir compilation thing.


Their website lists all the details on the tour.


The tour was good enough that I will go again one day. There were a couple of British guys that had been there two years prior.

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