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Sunday Song

Buc McMaster

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It was the uke my parents gave me one birthday that opened my eyes to making music. Super job!



Now that you mention it, the first stringed instrument I ever played was a(n) ukulele my parents got us kids in a little stringed instrument shop in Mittenwald, Germany in about 1956. As I recall, it cost about 20 DM, which was about five bucks then. My older sister taught me four chords, and away I went. For all I know, she mays still have that little uke. I'll ask her the next time I talk to her.


I loved it because it was kid-sized, and easy to play at the most basic level.


I had completely forgotten about it until you made this reference. I can see it and hear it clear as day.

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Your turn to offer a version of River (gave mine yesteryear) and you sure take it safely home.

It's a very good song in all its tristesse and blasé blueness - anti-x-mas mood with huge A. .


I Can See Clearly is another fantastic tune - and you pinch that too. The flower-uke sounds cüüüühl in the intro. .


Those 2 songs are from respectively 1971 and 72 - then of course we the Fabs from 1970 on the wall, , , eeeehhh for the nerds in reality 1969, , so you clearly presents us a time-pocket here. .


Keep the candle burning

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1418687084[/url]' post='1602929']

Those "silly little toys" don't sound silly or like toys at all. I would imagine some of them carry a big price tag too. Nice job Buc! Not sure if you take requests or not but I saw a guy do James Taylor's Fire and Rain at an open mic one time and blew the crowd away. I think you would really do that tune justice with your singing and ukelele skills.

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