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2015 gibson les paul classic


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I just bought a 2015 Gibosn Les Paul Classic. On your site it says the pick ups are 57's But the place I bought the guitar from and all other retailers I've checked they list the pick ups as 61's. I would like to know which pick ups are in my guitar? The pick ups seem really muddy on the low E and A strings while at heavy distorion Which is my normal sound. I've changed the eq on the amp and I still can't get rid of the muddy sound. It almost sounds like the pick ups can't catch any single notes if you are riding or muting the low E string. It does the same thing weater the pickups are split or if the 15db boost is on or off. It sounds great on all the clean channels no matter what picup you're on or if the coil split is on as well as the 15db boost. I have 2 other les pauls one with active emgs and on stock but they do not give me any problems. I know the pickups in other guitars I have are hotter but I don't think thats the problem. Anybody else have the same problem? If so, did you fix it and how did you fix it? I open to any suggestions. I've even adjusted the hieght of the pick up to the strings. I'm at a loss. Everything else about the guitar is awsome except for this one annoying issue. Help!

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